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What have you inherited?

Your hair color and eye color aren’t the only things that got passed down to you by your parents. What you believe, how you act in society, and the vision you have for your life is a byproduct of what was placed in your mind from a very early age. The business you run, the relationship you are or aren't in, and the belief in yourself all tie back to what you inherited through your parents and the 7 generations that have come before you.

Your belief around money, how you handle conflict, and how you perceive the world all have to do with what you inherited.

Where did these beliefs come from? Well, they were taught to your parents. Your parents are a byproduct of their parents' patterns and beliefs.

Some of the beliefs we inherited are incredible and make up our individuality but there are some to this day that still block us from seeing clearly in our relationships, relationship with ourselves, business, how we view the world, and prevent us from being who we need to be today to bring our vision to life.

It can no longer hold us back from being who we were born to be

We can’t possibly grow a business to 7 figures if we are experiencing mind draining lack of money beliefs. We can’t expect ourselves to be the right partner or attract the right partner if our ego is always leading the way. We can’t hire people into our business if we can’t fully lead ourselves yet and understand what great quality leadership is.

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Are you ready to remember?

Day 1

Your birth wasn't a mistake. Truly understanding your inheritance has all the answers you've been seeking.

Day 2

Who are you, why are you here, what's yours to do?

Day 3

You are creating the future. What's the legacy you'll leave behind?

Meet Your Guides

Ali Katz

Co- CEO at Leaders Create Leaders

Personal Family Lawyer, Founder + CEO of New Law Business Model

4 years in a row on the INC 5000 list.

Her business now has a 16MM valuation.

Gerard Adams

Steward of Leaders Create Leaders

An entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, connector, storyteller.

Built Two 8-figure Companies

Millionaire at 24.

Masterclass Important Details

3 Day LIVE Masterclass starting 00/00

April X

7pm EST

On Facebook (You will be invited to join our private facebook group after purchasing)
Call will be rewatchable on facebook for those who can’t make it live.

April X

7pm EST

On Facebook (You will be invited to join our private facebook group after purchasing)
Call will be rewatchable on facebook for those who can’t make it live.

April X

7pm EST

On Facebook (You will be invited to join our private facebook group after purchasing)
Call will be rewatchable on facebook for those who can’t make it live.


3 days of live training

Learn from Gerard and Ali daily for 3 days.

$5,000 Value

Access to any tools, documents, or resources we share

Anything we share on the calls is yours to keep.

$1,000 Value

Access to all call recordings

Whether you join live or not you will have access to all call recordings forever.

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Join a supportive and high vibe community where you can meet and network with other leaders around the world. 


This Is For

Leaders who are ready to continue the healing process of unbecoming the patterns that no longer serve them so they can live in abundance. Leaders who are ready to get a deeper understanding of how the beliefs that have been passed down to them affect how they show up in life and how to shift out of them so they can be in control at all times. Leaders who are ready to step into their unique purpose with so much clarity that they cannot be derailed. Leaders who are ready to have full trust that we cannot fail and that we are actually backed by all of life itself.

This Is Not For

Low vibe mindset entrepreneurs.
People wanting to stay a victim to their circumstance.
Business owners unwilling to take a deeper look within.

Now that you are aware of how powerful you really are and what we have the ability to pass on to future generations, what will you be passing down?

When you are no longer, what will be left? Will it be the money you made or something much greater? Cause here’s the truth, you won’t live forever but your legacy will. So who will you decide to be so that your legacy radiates abundance, bliss, flow, grace, and love?

What our Clients are saying

"Set the goal to sign 6 clients today in my course and I've signed 9 so far. Almost 1/2 sold out and we don't close enrollment for another week"

"Annual statement is finished! And in our first calendar year we officially hit the the 7 figures! Goal this year, double it and a proper salary! Thanks for all the support in the last 6 months."

"I find myself with greater awareness of the ancestral and cultural components behind experiencing scarcity and feeling a sense of excitement around creating a new relationship to 'enough."

"Ali Katz GREAT.
Though I’ve taken dozens of “self growth/business/spiritual” courses over the years, the one, like all, is beautifully unique, but in a way that puts it ahead of many. Pushing my edges (safely and loving) ...inspiring me to create deeper connections, and realigning me with my resources and needs. I’m feeling like this needs to be taught more, feeling into if I’m the right person for that. It feels selfish to keep it to myself. Grateful you decided to re-launch and share it."

"Just wanted to give a huge thanks to the LCL team. I was in a little demotivated slump and my business was doing around $4k-$6k per week in revenue for a few weeks but I took complete action after a call with Brian Donovan and focused hard for that week and had an $11k+ revenue week."

“I want to thank you both so much for the space you have held for my expansion. I received my numbers for the first half of 2020 and I hit 6-figures!!!! With that I have brought in 3k more then I made total in 2019. These last 3 months have been my biggest to date.”

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